Radio Interview: Real Life Resilience




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from Kimberly Englot's website:


Each day I interview real people who have gone through adversity and thrived! From being held at knife point by an ex, to losing everything during the economic downturn, battling cancer and ugly divorce battle, my guest have been through the worst situations imaginable AND proved themselves to be stronger than the ever thought possible. Learn how they did this in each episode of this series!


Amanda's Story

Held hostage at knifepoint by an abusive ex, Amanda LaPera thought her life was over.


She survived and this ordeal, changed her perspective on life.


She realized that things are replaceable; life is not. This outlook has helped her to persevere through countless challenges.


Now, she looks for the bright side of things. She doesn't get easily frustrated when things go wrong. And she lives with the belief that everything will work out in the end.


Make sure you hear Amanda's story!

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