Another Chance

Bringing forth new life, the heavens moved,
The earth shook when the baby cried.
Beautiful child of mine, who will you be?
A reflection of me, my hopes, my dreams?


Are shattered when the new visage fades,
Replaced with tears, and moans, and pain.
How could I have hoped for the divine?
But here you are, they say you’re mine.


Doctors, oh doctors, what can you do?
Two dozen try haphazardly, 
The pills and the payments
One sees white, one sees blue


Try I do, yearning to love, 
After more treatments, still no cure
Knowing this shreds my heart in two.
Half mourns for me, half mourns for you.


In the wild, animal moms eat their young
Or leave defects to perish, Nature is harsh
I can send you away
Or keep struggling through.


There you are with tears in your eyes.
I must see through me to finally see you
Imperfections, disappointment and truthfully
It’s far worse to change you than it is to change me


Only realizing this then am I free,
To love the real you, accept the real me,
The journey’s been rocky, painful, and long
But finally I have begun to understand.


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