Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts  -  Witty, Wise, Sometimes Absurd Modern Day Aphorisms, Analogies, and Paradoxes


1      When the sun goes down, it’s gone…like rain in the rain gutter.

2      When a star dies, its light remains…like pulling gum off of the bottom of your shoe

3      When something hits the atmosphere, it breaks into many pieces…like a pregnant cat has many kittens.

4      One diseased branch can poison the tree….like one stupid tweet can irritate many.

5      A plague kills many and affects everyone….like one drop of tomato soup ruins the whole shirt.

6      Every lemon started as a seed…like big mean people were once little mean people.
7      Love can sour over time…like how flowers left in a vase of water too long get moldy.

8      Wind changes direction… like MTV used to only play music and now they don’t.

9      Fires don’t last forever ….like freshly baked cookies.  

10  Good looks don’t mean good personalities…like candles aren’t always made of wax.

11  Integrity is an integral part of happiness…like vowels complete words.



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