The Voices

Voices seep inward
Through this dark soul
From sources unknown.


Pound and prod, 
In constant calm
Rhythms in my head.


Whispers and visions 
Guide and guard, 
Direct from far beyond.


So I follow, listen, laugh
Down winding, twisted devilish paths
Forward, onward I continue.


Words amiss, events dismissed, 
Forcefully done, with their assist
I follow these voices around my head.


Sometimes merrily--gladdened, 
Other times with hesitation, 
Second thoughts, beaded perspiration 
I follow these voices around my head.


Here I stand alone, 
looking back once more.
Proceeding forward, blind I am
To options at this point in time.


It becomes clear in all I do
That choices and actions
Are premeditated, decided.


Like it or not as I may
I have no choice; 
I must obey!


No force, no voice, no argument of reason
Can stop me now, nor shall you make me,
The voices made me do it – 
And it’s they who I am pleasing.


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